70th Anniversary - Award Recipients

Women of Power Award - presented to the Honorable Anna Lopez Brosche.  Anna Lopez Brosche is the President and first Asian American elected to the Jacksonville City Council as well as the first female Filipino American City Council Member in Florida. 



Women of Power Award - presented to the Honorable Paula Wright.  Paula Wright is a product of the schools that she now serves.  She is committed to seeing her students and schools succeed and driven to ensure that all children have the opportunity and resources to reach their full potential.



Whitney M. Young National Leadership Award - presented to Damien Haitsuka, President of the Northeast Florida Region of Wells Fargo Bank.  Damien serves on the JUL Board of Directors and is a past board chair as well during which time he presided over the growth and development of the JUL's economic development initiatives that promote financial sustainability, education and wealth creation.  


Clanzel T. Brown Humanitarian Award - presented to Hallie Williams-Bey and Reginald M. Lawrence.  Hallie Williams-Bey is a neighborhood and community leader, volunteer and activist that served in the United States Marine Corps and is an honorably discharged Vietnam veteran.  Reginald Lawrence is former member of the JUL Board of Directors who was drafted in the United States Army and also honorably discharged and continued to show service to his community through volunteerism.