Center for Advocacy and Social Justice

The Center for Advocacy and Social Justice (CASJ) simultaneously promotes the development of good citizens and the proper and equal treatment of all North Florida residents regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, economic status or sexual orientation.

In partnership with other social justice allies, religious institutions and individuals the Center advocates regular and open communication between citizens and government, legislation promoting human potential over incarceration and a consistently just application of the law.

The Center also provides places where young men and women gain access to knowledge, training, education initiatives and entertainment that facilitate healthy life outcomes. These youth intervention strategy offerings when combined with additional fieldwork and JUL associates’ experience, counter the potential for black-on-black crime in the urban core.

Youth Initiatives

The Youth Crime Prevention program of the Jacksonville Urban League provides services to prevent at-risk youth from engaging in criminal activities. Community Bridge Building and Teen Summit are among the programs offered through the Youth Crime Prevention Program. Community Bridge Building discusses significant crime issues and prevention strategies with local residents, law enforcement officials, and educators. Teen Summit promotes personal and community empowerment among youth through field trips, community service projects and workshops.

The Youth Crime Prevention Program provides tutorial assistance to enable youth to achieve success academically. An employability skill-training program is also provided to youth ages 16-18 years old. Services for first time offenders are provided in conjunction with the juvenile court system and Department of Juvenile Justice. Participants receive a specially designed curriculum to prevent repeat violations. At risk children are engaged in enjoyable activities to reduce risk factors. Counseling and intervention are also provided.

The Jacksonville Urban League participates in the statewide Black on Black Crime Prevention program. The program is designed as a public awareness and education effort to unify the Black community and to support crime prevention activities. The program goals include increasing the community awareness of the negative effects of crime and to educate and motivate the community to stand against crime by working with their law enforcement agencies. The Black on Black Crime Prevention program seeks to establish a collective network of individuals and groups who will safeguard their community. Youth participants are involved in after-school activities, such as tutoring, arts, crime prevention workshops and visits to area attractions.

The JUL is in a consortium of eight Urban League affiliates in the state of Florida that administers the YCP and BOB programs. YCP/BOB provides youths with positive exposure to activities that influence personal growth and development, career choices and academic achievement. Activities include Young Urban Poet Society. Behind-the-Scenes Business Tours. Teen and Young Parents Symposium. Jail Tours, and the OAG Conference. More than 1,600 children and families have received services locally in parenting skills, tutorial assistance, teen pregnancy prevention, residential security surveys, and school dropout prevention counseling.

NULITES is a national program offered in over 26 states serving in estimated 5,000 young people.  The program is designated to reflect the positive aspects of youth in today’s society related to academic achievement, community service, and leadership.  Students participate in college and career counseling, college tours, educational seminars, field trips and occasional visits to amusement parks and museums. Students have access to ACT/SAT Prep Workshops; One-on-One College/Career Counseling; College Scholarship; Networking Opportunities

The JULAP focuses on increasing the number of minority students attending college or post high school programs. Encouraging academic excellence, JULAP inducts successful participants into the JUL Achievers Program.  

Advocacy and Racial Inclusion

Through advocacy and community education initiatives, the Jacksonville Urban league is a resource and advocate for building bridges of understanding and communication among all races.

Advocacy initiatives of the Jacksonville Urban League include implementing community organization strategies to effectively advocate for the poor and disenfranchised; fostering consensus building through partnership and collaborations, voter registration workshops and forums, and providing leadership in addressing community concerns.

The Jacksonville Urban League co-sponsors the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast with the Chamber of Commerce, NAACP and City of Jacksonville.  The breakfast brings the community of Jacksonville together to commemorate the life and ideas of the civil rights leader.

The Jacksonville Urban League Annual Equal Opportunity Luncheon is an event that honors individuals and corporations who exemplify the principle of equal opportunity.  The Jacksonville Urban League continues to collaborate with organizations throughout the community to bring about inclusion of all races within our community.