Jacksonville Disabled Veteran Becomes Entrepreneur

Featured Story - National Urban League 

While attending a networking event, Thomas B. Waters, Director of the Jacksonville Urban League Entrepreneurship Center (EC) introduced himself and noticed an immediate reaction from a gentleman seated in front of him that suddenly turned around and shook his hand with an introduction stating “I need to meet with you.”

Andre M. Thomas, owner of Thomas & Brown Logistics, explained that he was a disabled veteran and had been trying to establish a logistics business to transport cars. He said he was about to be discharged from the military and had a hard time finding someone who could help him with incorporating.

Mr. Thomas received in four hours what he sought for over one year; his Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) status. This service was provided in addition to assistance in obtaining his Federal Employer ID Number and his Fictitious Name. Mr. Thomas was elated upon leaving the EC. He has since participated in EC workshops and webinars, including Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses.