What We Do

Advocacy & Social Justice

The Jacksonville Urban League advocates for and promotes the development and equitable treatment of all North Florida residents.  The League fosters regular and open communication between citizens and government.  The Jacksonville Urban League supports legislation promoting human potential over incarceration and a just application of the law.  Advocacy initiatives of the Jacksonville Urban League include implementing strategies to advocate for the poor and disenfranchised; voter registration, education and form, and providing leadership addressing community disparities.

Education, Employment & Workforce Development

The Jacksonville Urban League conducts workshops and seminars focused on providing solutions to help unemployed and underemployed adults, youth and veterans.  Technology and various specific workshop options are utilized to support the intellectual, physical, and emotional development of the participants.  The Jacksonville Urban League is committed to helping individuals obtain gainful employment, understanding of the workforce and acquire the skills necessary to remain employable, become self-sufficient and advocate for stronger communities.

Economic Empowerment & Business Development

The Jacksonville Urban League seeks resources to develop and implement initiatives that empower individuals, entrepreneurs, and disadvantaged business entities to become successful.  Community wealth building and job creation strategies are targeted in the urban core where opportunities may not exist.  Through training, workshops, and individual coaching sessions, partners are brought together to find capital investments that improve the community’s quality of life, particularly in asset poor neighborhoods.

In addition to advocating for small business growth, the League provides financial literacy, home ownership and financial counseling workshops and supportive economic enterprises to aid individuals realizing their personal economic goals.